Clients & Partners

The David Cannady Campaign contacted us in August of 2019 to request our platform create brand awareness and name recognition for David in Broward County for the  Democratic primary election to be held the following August. We executed an aggressive 31 city grassroots, social and local media strategy that catapulted the candidate from 7th or 8th in polling in the race to now vying for the front runner position with a clear chance of winning. Our goal was to ensure David was known from the barbershop to the boardroom and we compiled the data at our call center to know where and how to turnout the vote.
The most effective fundraising events were private networking  events at our clients firms or homes that generated $10,000 to $20,000 per event. However, the most fun we had was hanging with kids and doing mentorship throughout Broward County’s public schools. The barbershop BiG Ups paid homage to future NBA hall of famer Lebron James’ ‘The Shop’ which exposed the fact that if you show up and listen to the people and share your solutions, they will remember and show up for you!